Title: The Decision

Written by: C P Munro

Genre: Romance, Suspense, Drama

Type: Novel

LOGLINE: Raised by a poverty stricken family in Granville Ohio, this cruel and merciless opportunist disables himself against a life of constant struggle, by means of manipulation. He surrenders his decency and anything else pure, as he shrewdly controls his way into a privileged life and marries for all the wrong reasons. In search of power, admiration and acceptance into high society, he surges ahead despite the treacherous consequences. He enters into a world of misdeeds, conspiracy and intrigue as he teams together with the antichrist himself, his adversary and brother-in-law. Regardless of how wrong their actions are, he needs to fulfil his life’s dream and become a force to be reckoned with. Corruption and scandal flourish as money aids towards his unscrupulous way of living. When he finally realises the brutal mistake he has made, he is faced with a life changing decision. The decision becomes ruthless as it releases private secrets leading him towards a betrayal of unimaginable suspense. He needs to escape from the grips of deceitfulness but if he does he will lose the dream he has worked so hard to achieve. Will he make the right decision? Will he choose morality over power?

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